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Are You Ready for A Level 3 Smart Home?

What is Level 3 Home Control? Find Out What Makes a Complete Smart System

Are You Ready for A Level 3 Smart Home?

There are many shades of smart home control. Earlier this year, we asked our readers, “What is your smart home control level?” Some folks only dip their toes into smart technology with one or two devices like a Nest thermostat or Amazon Echo—level one. A next step up, at level two, might mean someone dabbles with a surveillance camera, maybe adds whole home audio to their house, or installs smart lighting. But that’s still not a fully integrated, comprehensive smart home.

That brings us to level three. What makes a ‘real’ smart home? We share the answer below so you can get inspired for home control in your Iowa City, IA property.

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All Devices Under One Umbrella

A “level three” smart house means all devices should be accessible from the same system, like Control4 or Savant. It’s best if you don’t have to fumble with multiple remotes or swipe through a page of apps to turn on lights and music. 

From there, you can tell your technology to play together to create customized scenes. Press “Good Morning” on your phone, for instance, and watch your shades rise, lights turn on to a blue-white tint, and the thermostat adjusts. Or choose “Party” for tunable lights to shift into fun colors, upbeat music plays over in-wall speakers, and the hot tub jets start whirring.  


Several Modes of Control

Whichever smart home interface you use, you should be free to pick up a remote, flick a switch on the wall, or tap on your smartphone app to prompt the same actions. Or tell your voice assistant speaker to turn off all the lights as you head out the door.

A robust system will offer multiple ways for you to control your devices, synced across controllers. If you lock the garage door from your tablet, your smart remote and app will instantly reflect that the garage is locked, too.

Automated & Out of Sight

Envision a smart system that’s so well-tailored to your lifestyle that you don’t even have to think about it. Automated scenes that modify lighting, security, audio, HVAC, and even sprinklers can activate on their own, set to a schedule that’s woven into your routine. Landscape lights and AC can turn on just in time for you to arrive home from work, and shades will automatically lower after dark for privacy.

Plus,  a professional installation will store equipment and wires behind walls and cabinets, so there’s no clutter of technology in sight. We can arrange your system so that you can start small, maybe only in a few rooms, then easily build upon later.

Home Automation in Iowa City

Are you ready to bring your home to “level three”? Or just getting started with smart technology? Chat with a member of our team below or call Reference Audio Video Security at (888) 702-7800.

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